Group Overview

Health Circle Int’L Health Industry Group Ltd. (“Health Circle International Group”) is a global group company based on the promotion of quality and healthy life. It is based in Hong Kong and is headquartered in TML Plaza, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.Formerly known as Health Circle Ltd., the company was founded in 1989. The company is committed to promoting five healthy living systems of physical health, economic health, social health, family health and spiritual health, and the ideal of combining health and wealth.With the superior quality, natural ingredients, environmental protection and energy conservation as the basic strategy for selecting products, we will practice the goal of popularizing healthy living.

The story of Health Circle is from 60 square meters of office, 3 employees start…

Group Overview

In 1989, a Japanese company appointed by Dr. Allan Wong (word Yuanping) withdrew from Hong Kong. They invited the outstanding general manager to go to Japan, and Mr. Wong did not go. He identified himself as a Chinese and rooted in China, so he started his own business in Hongkong and established Health Circle Ltd.

Six years later, Health Circle developed more than 100,000 franchisees and health Circle members. Health Circle Ltd. was  upgraded as Health Circle International Group. The Group’s business covers China, Hong Kong, Macao and Asia Pacific…

Health Circle World three entrepreneurial journey


In 1989, Health Circle World (HK) Ltd. (predecessor of Health Circle World Int'L Health Industry Group) was established after the Tiananmen School Tide Incident. It opened the journey of Health Circle World’s first venture.Under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Allan Wong , Health Circle World Ltd. started the established goal of “Building China, Entering Asia Pacific, and Looking to the World”, leading the tremendous development of the direct selling industry.In 1995, Health Circle World has more than 100,000 franchisees and health members, more than 100 employees, office and production plants with a total area of more than tens of thousands of feet. The Group's operations cover Hong Kong, Macao and China, and gradually spread throughout the entire In the Asia-Pacific market, the Health Circle World business is getting bigger and bigger.In the same year, Health Circle World Ltd. has been officially upgraded to Health Circle World International Group.


In 1997, Dr. Allan Wong personally formulated the comprehensive and comprehensive development strategy and policy of Health Circle World Group to implement chain management and franchise stores in China, Hong Kong, Macao and other overseas countries based on diversified operations. To ensure the stable development of Health Circle World Group in the world, Health Circle World has obtained the license of China's chain operation, opened the second entrepreneurial journey of Health Circle World, and successfully launched a large-scale franchise store program in various parts of China.

The Group is ambitious in the development of China's chain operation, and has set a lofty goal in a far-sighted way - creating a brand, creating a famous store, creating a high quality, creating an advanced, and creating a chain king.Promote the franchise chain business to all of China and the world.

In 2004, Health Circle World's chain stores blossomed all over the country, and Health Circle World's chain company “ANC” was listed in Singapore.


In 2018, the 29-year-old Health Circle World International Group has experienced the ups and downs, carrying the glory and dreams, shouldering the heavy responsibility of "serving the society and healthy human beings", with the mission of "promoting the five health goals and practicing the ideals of health and wealth". Start the journey of the third venture.